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Your Questions, Answered.

What is Ten Personal membership?

For more than 25 years, Ten Personal members have trusted us to enhance their lives with a personalised service that opens the door to unrivalled support, upgrades, benefits, and access in the worlds of travel, dining, entertainment, and lifestyle. As a Ten Personal member, you can pick up the phone, send an email, or ping a WhatsApp for immediate assistance from a dedicated lifestyle manager for any request no matter how simple or complex, at home or abroad.

What does the service cover?

We cover every aspect of our members’ lives, from assistance with everyday tasks and organising logistics, to securing tickets to top entertainment, booking tables at the most in-demand restaurants, finding the perfect gift, and planning every element of your travels.

We have two decades of experience working across dining, entertainment, travel, retail, and lifestyle, meaning members enjoy access, upgrades, and benefits unavailable anywhere else.

How does the membership work?

Each membership is designed around each member’s specific travel and lifestyle requirements and includes direct access to a dedicated lifestyle manager via email, telephone, and WhatsApp. Your lifestyle manager will get to know your travel and lifestyle preferences and call upon our internal network of 1,000+ experts globally to support you, 24/7.

What is a Lifestyle Manager?

Ten’s lifestyle managers are friendly and passionate experts in their fields. Working across dining, travel, entertainment, retail, and lifestyle, they are experienced problem solvers who will go to great lengths to ensure your request is met, and your expectations are exceeded.

Can I use the service abroad?

Yes our international coverage is something were extremely proud of. We have experts based in more than 20 offices globally who speak all the world’s major languages. With 24/7 support from our global team, your dedicated lifestyle manager will ensure life remains stress and hassle free, no matter where you are.

How does Ten get the best access, benefits and rates?

We’ve spent more than 25 years building relationships with the world’s top brands across the dining, travel, entertainment, retail, and lifestyle sectors, which means we’re able to negotiate unrivalled access to the best hotels, restaurants, events, and retailers for you. We work directly with the most trusted suppliers to ensure they offer our members VIP service and added extras. We use our buying power to secure the very best services, at the best value.

Plus, as a subscription service, we don’t need to rely on invisible commissions and mark-ups, meaning you’ll never pay over the odds or have to deal with hidden costs.

Can the public utilise the access, upgrades and rates?

No. We negotiate all our access, upgrades, and benefits directly with our global partners to ensure these remain exclusive to our members.

Does Ten add additional fees when booking tickets for members?

We never add any of our own booking fees when securing tickets for our members, you only ever pay what the box office or travel company charges, and there are never any hidden surprises.

How do I make a request and how long will it take for a response?

You can contact your lifestyle manager by phone, email, and WhatsApp. They will answer straight away or work with you to establish a response time based on the nature of your request, ensuring timely assistance and resolution.

In what ways are you able to customise the membership?

Our membership is crafted to cater to your unique requirements. For instance, if you’re a frequent traveller, we can enlist a specialist travel expert for you. Alternatively, if you split your time between various destinations, we can assign a membership manager to each location. Whether you prefer communication solely through WhatsApp or have other preferences, we’re here to tailor the membership experience to suit you.

What kind of preferences will I be asked to share?

We spend time getting to know you and your family, and the more youre comfortable sharing, the more we can enhance your experience. Whether its taking note of important dates and significant events on your calendar, your preferred cuisines, musical tastes, likes and dislikes, aspirations for the year, or items on your bucket list that youre eager to check off – were here to keep track and recommend things you’ll love.

What will my preferences be used for?

The preferences you share during your welcome meeting serve as the foundation for delivering an elevated experience tailored specifically to you. Because we know the music you’re into, you’ll be one of the first to hear about tickets when a new tour is announced, and thanks to our priority access, our experts will secure you the seats too. New restaurant opening? You’ll be one of the first to know and, thanks to our dining partnerships, you’ll be among the first through the doors. (Don’t worry, we never share any data or information with third parties.)

Can I authorise individuals to make requests on my behalf?

Yes many of our members choose to authorise another person, such as their executive assistant or personal assistant. Alternatively, this authorisation may extend to a family member who coordinates your travel and lifestyle arrangements.

Additionally, we provide couple memberships, where both individuals are seamlessly integrated under a single membership. Each person receives personalised and proactive suggestions tailored to their unique preferences within the shared membership framework.

How secure is my data?

Here at Ten, your data is only used by us. All our lifestyle managers are fully PCI compliant and trained in handling data with full discretion. Our digital platform conforms to the highest industry standards. The application has been tested by a global information assurance specialist company to the level required by the banking industry.

How can I find out more about this membership?

Discover more on this website and don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our membership team via the form below to start living x Ten.

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