The Latest Tech You Need To Stay In Shape At Home

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With a wealth of sporty gadgets at our fingertips, keeping on top of our fitness and wellbeing at home has never been so easy, but with so many contraptions making up the market it can be tricky to find the device that suits your needs.

We’ve immersed ourselves in the trends and tech shaping the fitness landscape and rounded up the gadgets that will help you smash your goals or perhaps get inspired.

Hidrate Spark 3.0 Smart Water Bottle

Alongside stretching, hydration is key to achieve your fitness goals and this smart bottle will make sure you don’t forget. The jazzy container keeps track of every sip you take, displaying your water intake via the free Hidrate app. The clever device also syncs with your preferred fitness app so you can set a personalised hydration goal based on your body and activity level. A subtle glow reminds you to keep drinking and three nifty light patterns can be adjusted to your own personal needs and motivations.

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Tangram Factory Smart Rope

With this innovative jump rope, you need only to hit the garden or living room to crush your cardio and toning objectives. Outfitted with magnetic sensors and a Bluetooth connection, the sleek device easily links up to your smartphone to document timings, jumps and calories burned. The stats are projected mid-air by the LEDS on the rope to keep you up to speed while exercising. The Tangram app also throws an interactive personal trainer into the mix, offering interval training routines and upping the motivation by unlocking awards and encouraging competition with friends.

JAXJOX Foam RollerConnect

Every workout should be followed by a proper recovery session to prevent injury, and this cutting-edge gadget has got you covered. Five vibration intensity levels help your muscles recover faster after an intensive training session while three different massage zones battle soreness and stiffness and improve your motion range. Hook the roller up to your Apple watch or JAXJO app to keep an eye on your recovery activity and trust the neat gadget to select the appropriate duration and intensity level based on your workout.

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Fitbit Smart Scale Aria 2

There’s no need to dread the weigh-in any more thanks to Fitbit’s easy-to-use smart scale will help you see your fitness effort add up. Besides weight, the scales detail everything from BMI to body fat percentage and lean mass thanks to its compatibility with the brand’s trackers and app. Clearly showcasing your progress, the intricate insights into your fitness levels explain how your daily activity impacts you and how you can optimise your workout and achieve your personal goals.

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Bowers and Wilkins P14 in-ear headphones

Having just hit the shelves, Bowers and Wilkins’ latest audio design will get you moving in no time. There’s no compromise on quality as these 14mm in-ear headphones pack the crystal-clear sound the brand is renowned for, even during an all-out home workout session. Its soft silicone and rubber buds and comfy neckband feel tailor-made and thanks to its noise-canceling properties, you can exclude all the outside buzz and fully immerse yourself in your favourite workout tunes.

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JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect

The kettlebell is an important component in any workout and JAXJOX has tweaked the popular tool to upgrade your weightlifting routine. Navigating between six different weight levels at the touch of a button, the versatile gadget cuts out the hassle of swapping bells and is a massive space saver. To reach and maintain your fitness goals, download the customised app which maps your Fitness IQ and progress and keeps track of all your sets and reps.

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Apple Watch Series 5

Fitness trackers have become an important asset in any workout schedule and Apple’s newest release dials things up a notch. Besides its pioneering tech innovations, this watch serves as a personal coach on your wrist. Advanced metrics track every movement and inspire you to sit less and move more, while a wealth of health and activity apps will help you get the most out of any workout. There’s no better device to smash goals and effectively manage your physical and general well-being.

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Nordic Track RW900 Rower

A recent study showed that rowing activates 86% of the body’s muscle and it one of the most effective ways to build strength and endurance. Dubbed the Peloton of rowing, NordicTrack’s savvy piece of technology allows you to enjoy all the perks without having to head outdoors. Exceptionally quiet and comfortable, a 22-inch HD screen connects you with world-class trainers across the globe, offering over 100 interactive workouts as you virtually bob along glittering lakes.

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NordicTrack Fusion CST

There’s no need to renew your gym subscription as this state-of-the-art device fits an entire gym set-up into one device, combining strength with intense cardio training. Forget shifting weights around as the pulleys are pre-set in different positions perfect for hinges, squats and everything in between, with resistance easily adjusted across 20 different levels. The quick transitions make for an intensive cardio challenge, offering two workouts in one. To top things off, the 10-inch android tablet streams trainer-led sessions where your coach adjusts your resistance for optimal results, as well as daily classes ranging from HIIT to cross-training.

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