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Health And Fitness

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The doors to your local gym may be closed but the world of online fitness is right out there for you with myriads apps, virtual classes and streamed workouts to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of working out in a group class or solo, with weights or without and like things high-tempo or low and slow, we have you covered with these health and fitness apps.

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For every level… Nike Training Club Premium

The trainers in the videos in this popular app are responsible for the health and fitness of supermodels and athletes alike. Join them for sessions that are filterable by muscle groups, workouts (it includes yoga) and equipment. There are some celebrity workouts included too with Ellie Goulding leading yoga for runners and Cristiano Ronaldo crushing abs. Currently free (usually £108.99). Available on IOS and Android

For high energy workouts… Barry’s Bootcamp

One of our long-standing partners, Barry’s Bootcamp has closed its UK studios for now and is offering live streaming workouts on Instagram. Although there’s no treadmill work involved, the sessions are guaranteed to get your heart rate up. Muscle groups, intervals and workout segments vary to keep you guessing, and the instructors ensure that you maximise your potential while making every class feel new, fun and exciting. Currently free on Instagram Live: @barrysuk (usually £207 for a ten-class package – our members-discount available). Discover more at

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For accurate progress tracking… Fiit

Working out at home might seem like a chore but devotees of this app – dubbed the ‘Netflix of fitness’ – swear by its addictive sessions. You’ll exercise along to live and recorded 20- and 40-minute sessions focusing on areas such as HIIT, strength training, mobility and Pilates. You also have an option to order a tracking device so you can see your own progression over time. From £19.99. Available on IOS and Android

For workouts that feel like the gym… Les Mills

With Les Mills, you don’t just get a 20-30 minute video to work out along to – you can order equipment to supplement your training, too. Combining all this with a powerful soundtrack, these sessions can be high-energy and sweaty but also upbeat and fun. Our members are invited to discover the Les Mills programmes with a free 30-day trial, and you can then enjoy a 30% discount on membership of the standard £12.95 per month. Available at http://Les Mills

For tailored exercise… Freeletics

Specialising in sweaty bodyweight sessions, Freeletics uses data you provide to offer a training programme geared to your fitness level. Your trainer is an AI bot, which gathers data on your progress from each session and adapts programmes to ensure you’re meeting your goals. You’ll also get tailored meal plans and mindfulness coaching with the premium version. Free with in-app purchases from £25.99. Available on IOS and Android

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For goal-based fitness… Own Your Goals with Davina McCall

The former model and television presenter has officially opened her popular app to everyone for 30 days. Start on this site by setting a goal and a time frame to achieve it; the platform will then shape a workout around your needs. There’s a range of styles online with power box, Pilates and toning classes among the most popular. Some workouts call for weights while others can be done with just a mat. Free for 30 days (thereafter £9.99/month). Sign up for 30 days (without payment) here

For just seven minutes… Seven

Turns out there’s a lot you can achieve in just seven minutes – jumping jacks, lunges and push-ups included. Based on the premise that forming small habits can lead to big wellness gains, Seven is loaded with programmes to get you moving. They might be just several minutes but these workouts burn, and you’ll feel the difference. Free with in-app purchases from £9.99. Available on IOS and Android

For sound over screen time… Aaptiv

Most apps offer video or illustrative guides as you go but Aaptiv is an audio-based workout experience that combines pumping music and encouragement and guidance from the trainers – even if it’s just to have someone to egg you on as you finish up on the treadmill. It does come with helpful videos of each movement so you can see how they’re done, too. From £7.99. Available on IOS and Android

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For dance tutorials… Steezy

An app made for the TikTok generation, Steezy teaches you how to dance. Styles are contemporary and cover urban dancing, krump, popping and house among others andvideos take you through the basics first so you master tricky routines cleanly. You can use the app’s customisable features to see the dance from multiple views, replay and perfect your moves. It’s great for teens who are looking for a fun way to work out. Free with in-app purchases from £17.99. Available on IOS and Android

For high-intensity work… Sweat

Kayla Itsines became a household name after her Bikini Body Guide (BBG) was shared around the world, and she went from personal trainer to fitness-empire maven. Her 28-minute workouts can be found on her dedicated app and often feature high-intensity killers like burpees and mountain climbers. Free with in-app purchases from £9.99. Available on IOS and Android

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