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Over the last decade, London has had no shortage of dining spots pushing the boundaries, but it has been a while since a restaurant has brought such complexity, creativity, intricacy and peculiarity of ingredients to the food scene as Ikoyi.

Back in 2017, co-founders and school friends Iré Hassan-Odukale and Jeremy Chan introduced a very unique twist on modern cuisine to a quiet cor- ner of Piccadilly and, just a year after opening, they picked up a Michelin star.

They were initially underwhelmed by their creations and even a trip to visit Iré’s home city of Lagos did little to bring that extra touch of inspiration. However, after locking themselves away in The British Library with scientific journals, books and even medical studies, things started to take shape.

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Their perseverance has resulted in some of the most provocative and intriguing dishes to land in London for some time. The plantain coated in raspberry dust and served with a smoked Scotch bonnet sauce will stick long in the memory and is just one highlight from a menu designed to grab your attention, question your precon- ceptions and – ultimately – delight.

But you’ll never know exactly what’s in store when you dine at Ikoyi. It’s one of the few restaurants brave enough to serve a ‘blind’ tasting menu, meaning your meal is completely in the hands of Chan and his brigade. It’s a bold decision, but one that means you won’t shy away from ordering dishes that use ingredients you may never have heard of, and it allows the kitchen team the ultimate freedom of expression.

You can feel and taste the duo’s passion when you dine at Ikoyi and it epitomises everything that’s great about London’s food scene: it’s progressive without being gimmicky, bold without being brash and clever without being pretentious.

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Ikoyi have re-opened on the 17th of July 2020. and are open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Ikoyi 1 St James’s Market, London

Visit Ikoyi’s website

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